Designing Contents Under Pressure,

Cracked Alice’s first album cover, was extremely fun and my biggest inspiration was their own music, playing loud during the creation process. In case you’re curious, here’s a little teaser 😉

The concept of a glass head burning from the inside (and exploding, on the back cover) came after some brainstorming sessions with the band’s guitarist, Alex. The idea was to play with both the album and the band’s name. This was their first EP, and helping these guys was an honor and a blast. We kept working together in many other projects after this. I took some band pictures, designed their business cards, t-shirts and backdrop, customized their social media channels, and later on, designed their second EP cover, Eyes Sown Shut.

At the time of this first album design, they still didn’t have a logo. By isolating the result from blending the background of the cover artwork into the typography, we came up with this logo design you see there, and that was then adopted as the band’s official logo. The “anarchy C + A” design was created based on Alex’s scribbles on a napkin.




  • project: album cover
  • created with: photoshop
  • project year: 2013